I have issues with follow through.

I have approximately 63 journals in a bin in my basement. Some very utilitarian, some gorgeous things of beauty. All of them were started with the best of intentions. And all of which are at least half empty. Some have only one or two entries. Some I have even started in different sections, multiple times. But they still have more blank pages than full.

Sometimes I thought I would write every day. Sometimes I thought I would write when I needed to. And sometimes I would.

But sometimes I wouldn’t.

I have approximately 12 years of college. I have about 4 years worth of music. I have about two years of sciences. I have another year or two of business admin. I have a couple years of computer stuff. I have a few random courses here and there which have nothing to do with anything, but they seemed interesting at the time. I have a year of Arts and Entertainment Management. And so on.

And I do not have one single degree to show for it. Just a lot of commuting time, because I always lived as far away as possible from the college I attended. For 12 years.

I do love being a student. I would be a perpetual student if I could. As a kid, I sucked at being a student. As an adult, I totally nerd out, sit in the front of my class, and come at my work from a completely different place, and get way more out of my courses.

But you’d think if I was going to spend all that time, and all that money on tuition, that maybe it would be important enough to me to have a degree to show for it. You’d think.

My house is full of projects that I have started, full of excitement, and then gotten sidetracked or waylaid. And never quite gotten back to. They pile up.

My computer is filled with notes about awesome books and killer programs and amazing business ideas I want to write and create and….

I don’t.

So what. The fuck. Is up. With that?

Am I lazy? OK, maybe. Sometimes.

Am I living with chronic pain that takes all the wind out of my sails plenty of days? Yeah.

Am I a single mom with three kids who feels like there’s never enough hours in the day? Sure am.

Does any of that seem like an OK reason not to get my shit together? At least eventually?

Well, hell no.

Part of the problem is that my attention is always split in too many directions, and I really can’t keep up. As in, I’m just interested in too many things. And I’m learning that the key to completing anything is simplifying.

Making choices.

For years, I hated making choices. Full body aversion. I didn’t want to limit myself by taking anything out of the mix, so I tried to keep my fingers in every little pie. That just makes messy hands, and inedible pies.

With age hopefully comes a little wisdom. And the ability to make choices.

I have realized that making choices doesn’t mean I can’t ever come back to those phenomenal ideas. It does mean I can’t do them all at once, and some have to go into the Big Book Of Ideas For Another Time.

But if I make choices and simplify, I can actually focus all my attention on one thing at a time. (Well, as much as any mom can ever focus her attention on one thing at a time.)

Because multitasking is not efficient. More and more research is coming out about how inefficient multitasking actually is. It is a far more efficient way to go about your day to break it up into chunks of time spent doing various tasks, rather than trying to hopscotch between them all day long. So if you simplify and choose one project, chances are much better that you – or I – will be more able to stay on task and do fewer gymnastics throughout the day.

So over the last couple of months I have been aiming my sails this way. I have so many great ideas for things I want to do. But I cannot do them all. I have to choose one or two, not 8 or 10, at a time. And it is certainly easier to stay on task. (And it means there’s something new and big and bold and shiny headed your way. Launch info will be coming soon…and pre-orders will start later this month.