My #FavouriteThing today was love. I felt heaped in it. From family, friends near and far, and from my social media family. Love, love, love. Birthday love. ❤️

I also spent the day sitting with a dear friend (who brought us the most awesome gourmet lunch that made all the other parents jealous!) in the gorgeous sunshine at Kid #2’s track meet, watching her kill it. She placed #2 in discus and #5 in shot put in Bantam. She’s actually Pee-Wee, but because we didn’t have our grade sevens today (camping trip), many of the grade sixes got moved up to Bantam. So she placed that well UP an age category. (That kid is super athletic and just “gets” every sport put in front of her, I swear! Those are not Ramsay genes, I’ll tell you that…)

I got to talk to a very old, incredibly dear friend today. I haven’t spoken to him in about 2 years, but he called today. We caught up enough to know we need a longer catch up. We first met at Expo 86, and he was my grad date, the MC at my wedding, and is the godfather of one of my kids. I love this gentle man and I was so happy to speak with him today, it made my heart warm.

And then Kid #1 made me dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, just pasta, but she wanted me to not have to cook on my birthday. Sweet, thoughtful girl.

One of my students sent me a birthday present, which I opened while we were on Skype together tonight. She bought me the Pandora music charm for my bracelet!! So awesome. ❤️

What was your favourite thing today?