My #FavouritrThing today was…well, today had lots of favourites.

I did the Color Me Rad 5K Run with a friend and my 3 kids. It’s the first time I’ve done an organized run, and it was great. Very fun oriented, family friendly, and not focused on competition AT ALL. We had an awesome time. And even though my body has been awful all week, it cooperated today for the run. (I have no doubt that it will probably put me in bed for a few days because my body was already so uncooperative, but that’s ok. I already have one foot with a blooming bruise and I’m not able to bear weight on that foot…inexplicably. No twisted ankle or anything. Just my awesome body.)

Then my friend Sheila (who had done the run with us) and I got cleaned up and did a little shopping. I’m happy to be a regular wardrobe consultant for her, and we did well…6 dresses, a shirt, and a pair of heels and a pair of boots. She’s well set for the next little while. Plus, we got to chatting with a shop owner of one store we were in (in White Rock) that used to be in the UBC area, where we both used to live. Chatted for ages about the way back whens, the history of the store, and the twists and turns of life. Really lovely.