My #FavouriteThing today was getting my shots. Ha! Nope, not actually getting my shots – they hurt like a mutherfucker. But the result of my shots is welcome in my life. Every 3 months I get about 50 Botox shots to help ward off my migraines. And today I was talking to my physiatrist (who gives me my shots) about my knee pain, and he gave me cortisone shots in my knees. We’ve done that once before, a few years ago, so I was prepared for how much it would hurt, being pretty gimpy and immobile for a few days afterwards, and then having knees that felt like a 10 year old’s joints for a few months after that. Worth it! I also have an incredibly caring, lovely physiatrist and I feel lucky to have him on my team of doctors.

I also enjoyed taking a birthday cupcake to a new friend who had to work on his birthday. A little sugar surprise. Doesn’t hurt, right?

What was your favourite thing today?