My #FavouriteThing today was watching my kids dance. Kid #1 dance her solo. She danced it really well today. Unfortunately the floor on this stage was very slippery (I watched a lot of dancers slip – it was wooden, not Marley), and she fell once. She does a back jete and lands in the splits…theoretically…but today she did a back jete and landed in a weird not-splits. But she worked it, and it’s entirely possible that if you didn’t already know the choreography, you wouldn’t have seen it as a fall. Some strange choreography maybe, but not necessarily a fall. But other than that, she really danced great. And watching the other dancers in her category, I was surprised when she placed second with Gold. I didn’t think the dancer who placed first (also with Gold, so likely close scores) danced better than Kid #1. But ultimately, it really isn’t about the scores and the trophies – it’s about getting out there and doing it, and developing a love and passion for dance and performance.

Then it was Kid #3’s turn. And her jazz group killed it. There was some very stiff competition in her category, and it was a pretty big category. But the girls turned it on – they opened the category too. And ended up taking first place with High Gold.

Then it was back to Kid #1 for her group number. These girls are a large group this year, and they are really dancing beautifully. Another first place High Gold. And all of yesterday and today’s dancing with a migraine too. Trooper.

And that brings us to the end of competition season. And I am ready for the end of competition season, let me tell you! It’s exhausting. But awesome too.

I also enjoyed waking up at our friends’ house today and getting the morning going with them. And I love that Kid #1 said to me tonight, when talking about our friends, “Our family is so weird!” I just love that to her (as absolutely to me) these friends are unquestionably family.

And tonight I am happy to be back in my own bed.

What was your favourite thing today?