My #FavouriteThing today…today was a good day, full of favourites.

I loved Kid #1 taking the bull by the horns and looking for opportunities to audition for things, for the purpose of getting better at the audition process. Today she auditioned for Team Canada (Western) Dance, which will send a team to Poland in December for the World Dance Championships. Of course, if she does actually make it in, this will be a whole other beautiful undertaking for her in this immense time of growth for her in dance.

I loved going and visiting friends with Kid #2. We went out to their farms and – holy wow! So beautiful! (And so much work! I was definitely born to enjoy the tomatoes, not grow the greenhouse full of them.)

I loved taking Kid #2 to her golf lessons today. I chatted with the guys in the pro shop and the instructors about something that had come up with the other kids last week, and they were really terrific about it, and very sensitive to my kid. Really great bunch of guys.

I had a couple of phone conversations that I really enjoyed today. Dear friends. Love them to pieces. They are my people. And we need to love our people while we have them….we never know how long that may or may not be.

And I am in bed early (for me.) and turning the light out in 5….4….3….2…zzzzzzzz

What was your favourite thing today?