My #FavouriteThing today was shopping. Twice. I took Kid #2 to get her birthday present – a swankypants backpack that she wanted. And then she had some other birthday money burning in her pocket…a little Aeropostale, a little Adidas. She made some good choices.

And then I had had to do really exciting shopping tonight – you know, the paper towel, toilet paper, dishwasher soap kind of shopping. So I kidnapped my friend from across the street to come with me. She was shocked and horrified at the way I shop (smart, and not particularly quickly). She was really floored when I actually checked each egg in the carton to make sure they were all intact before putting the carton of eggs in my cart. Hey, that’s how I learned to do it in Home Ec. 8. And I still do. Every time. (Mrs. Gluska would be proud.) That was our hot, housewife Saturday night date: WalMart. AND her husband referred to me quite hilariously, as he called up the stairs to her, “your little friend is here!”

What was your favourite thing today?