My #FavouriteThing today was going out for dinner with a girlfriend of mine. Awesome sushi. Awesome company. And then we both did something a little outside of our norm…we went out to hear a band! My dear friends in Dr. Strangelove were playing at the Cascades Casino tonight, and we went out to hear a set (and stayed for two…inevitable.) They are a great band, and dear friends, and it was a real treat to hear them play. It was also a nice mental rehearsal for me, because I’ll be subbing in with them next weekend at the Cloverdale Rodeo on Friday.

It was also the twins’ birthdays today. Although they are at their dad’s, so I didn’t actually get to see them today, I did talk to them on the phone and wish them a happy birthday. And I’ll be seeing them tomorrow and doing a big family dinner on Sunday.

What was your favourite thing today?