My #FavouriteThing today was doing. Yup, doing. Another day of getting stuff done.

And I feel like I’m exploding with ideas right now. (I’m writing them all down, because I cannot possibly attend to all of them at once. I will have to let some percolate and come back to them if they still resonate later.) And the ones that are the most attainable, or where I will see the most return for my efforts, I am not letting percolate. Because that’s kind of my MO….think about it for eons and never do anything about it. So this time I’m doing something about it before I think about it too much. I learned with the launch of THE STUDIO that that is my best way to function when something really lights me up. And I’m all lit up, boy…and this does still tie in with THE STUDIO…just…an offshoot, kinda….but related…. But in the end I’m happy that I’m not letting fear stand in my way. I’m actually getting out of my own way and just jumping into the shit that scares me, just doing it anyway.

So what was your favourite thing today?