My #FavouriteThing today was a phone call (during which I was very careful with my still delicate voice!) with a friend. She and I used to work together years and years ago, and we’ve stayed great friends. As well as being personally…well, we just get each other, she’s really great with packaging and marketing. I have a project in the works that we were talking about today – I needed her help because she’s EXCELLENT at sourcing stuff out – and I was talking through the different components of the project and she just about yelled, “The hairs all over the back of my neck are standing up!!! Some things are just ‘meh’, and then I don’t get any kind of body reaction. But that’s how I know a project is viable and has huge impact potential – the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! YOU GO GIRL!!” I already had the feeling I was into something good…but she came up with some different packaging and marketing possibilities that I hadn’t thought of yet, and talking through it all with her got me even more excited about the project. I’m not quite ready to announce it yet, but once I have more stuff sourced out, I’ll announce a launch date…. Zing!!

What was your favourite thing today?