My #FavouriteThing today was getting shit done. Yes, I listened to my body and did it in little fits and spurts throughout the day, interspersed with watching a movie, creating a playlist of music that 7.28 days long (that’s a country fuckload of good tunes), and making yummy, healthy food to nourish my healing body. But I still got a whole bunch of shit done. I got medical forms completed, I got about 4 sets of government forms done, I got my projects mapped out, and I took the first (often hardest) step in what is going to be a big leap of confidence for me, jumping into the world of public speaking and facilitating. (And no, I wasn’t doing the talking today…just starting to lay the groundwork.)

And I did it all in my Pajamas. All. Day. Long.

I really love days like this…days when you’re riding high, moving forward, and getting so many ducks in a row, you start to hear quacking, and still taking care of yourself in the process.

What was your favourite thing today?