May #FavouriteThing today was also my least favourite thing today. I chose my health over playing music, and in doing so, although I was taking care of myself, I really struggled with feeling like I was letting other people down, not to mention, just not getting to go and make music. There is an amazing community of female singers here in Vancouver, many of whom I am lucky enough to call friends. And I was blessed enough tonight to manage to find a sub, even at the eleventh hour. (Thank you Coby!) This was a lesson for me in following your gut, even if it means pulling the plug at the eleventh hour when people are depending on you (something Danielle LaPorte has written about a lot – she was referring to business, but it’s every bit as applicable here.) Once again, I received safe words of love and wisdom from my dearest Saffron, as well as my brother, and it helped me to see things from a different, healthier viewpoint.

The other thing I loved today was my dancing girls. I chose not to go to their competition so that I could sleep (I was still hoping to recover my voice at that point.) Kid #1 danced her solo and got Gold and Adjudicator’s Choice Award. Kid #1 & #3 danced their lyrical number and got High Gold, Outstanding Award, and Choreography Award, and with a score of 95.5, had the highest score in their category to that point. If they stay in the top ten, they will go back tomorrow to dance at the Gala. And if they do that, I’ll go watch and just keep my damn mouth shut (no talking for me for a couple of days.) So proud of all the girls. And a little bit extra specially proud of Kid #3 for dancing so well on two injured feet!

What was your favourite thing today?