My #FavouriteThing today was my brother really being there for me when I needed it. I am singing this weekend, and I almost completely lost my voice tonight, due to a virus. Josh and I have voices that work the same way, in almost every respect. And he came through with a solution for me, even though he was totally in the middle of something else. Because…he just knows. And I so totally appreciate that I don’t even really need to explain.

I also was very appreciative tonight of the band I was subbing with working with my declining voice through the night. They are a super nice, really good bunch of guys, and I’m enjoying these dates that I’m subbing in with them…although I like it better when I have a voice!

And I also enjoyed having tea with my neighbour across the street this morning. She’s a dear friend, and I love the mornings when we actually manage to have tea and talk about our lives.

What was your favourite thing today?