My #FavouriteThing today was cleaning my house. Those are words I rarely utter. But I cleaned out an area in my kitchen that I have been meaning to deal with for about a year, and I set up a writing desk for myself, looking out at a view I really enjoy in the summer time.

I also was happy to get a phone call from a friend this afternoon. And I was happy to be asked to sub with the same band from last weekend again this weekend.

I was happy to take Kid #1 to a meeting at the school she will be transferring to in Vancouver next year. She has gotten into an elite half day pre-professional dance program, which requires her to also change high schools. Today we talked about course selection and had a tour of the school. Awesome school. Very excited.

And finally, I enjoyed taking myself out for a bite to eat at one of my favourite restaurants: The Naam. All vegetarian, all yummy. I had some coconut curry Thai veggie brown rice thing…not often I take myself out to eat alone, but I enjoy it the odd time I do.

What was your favourite thing today?