My #FavouriteThing today was listening to my body and what felt good to spend my energy doing. I feel like my to do list is 4 miles long these days, and there’s lots that I “should” have been doing today. But I went for a run in the glorious sunshine with a friend. Then I went over to a friend’s house to see her new deck and visit for a bit. Then I wrote a mini-business-guidance-plan for the foreseeable future (in general terms…I’m past the point of investing my time in writing super duper in-depth business plans when it’s not like I’m looking for investors or bank backing….I just want a clear idea of what my plans are so I can figure out how things piece together and what implementation looks like.) I cleaned my room. Yes. I. Cleaned. My. Room. And I actually felt more energized by the thought of cleaning my room than I did by the thought of spending hours in front of my computer. I paid a bill and did a mini budget. I meditated. I listened to a book. I followed the cues about what felt energizing to me….and I think I’m going to continue trying that method of planning my day for a while and see how that feels. Because it felt good.

What was your favourite thing today?