My #FavouriteThing today was spending the day at my friend Sheila’s house, both of us working side by side on our computers (in her case…many computers!) and at the end of our work day, we went for a lovely run around Trout Lake, which was gorgeous.

I also loved Kids #2 & #3 loving the event they spent the day at today: G-Day For Girls. I wasn’t sure how they were going to like it, and this was the inaugural year of this event…so you never know what to expect. BUT they walked out of there laughing and talking over each other about all the cool presenters, and which parts of the day they’d liked best. Clearly, it was a huge hit. And best of all, they walked away with lots of knowledge to empower them and celebrate their coming of age. I plan to speak to both of their school principals and encourage them to talk with the girls about the event – nobody does stuff like this aimed at 10-12 year olds, and it would be great to either see the schools send kids to the event, or possibly bring a few schools together to sponsor a day like this in our community. (I let the girls skip school for this today, and we went to a totally different part of the city, an hour away from us…where the school districts had a Pro-D day today, making it an excellent choice for the kids.) such a great event!

And finally, I enjoyed a brief but unexpected phone call that put a smile on my face this evening.

What was your favourite thing today?