My #FavouritThing today was subbing again with the same band as last night. It was originally supposed to just be last night, but I ended up doing it again tonight. It’s great to connect with new people, both musically and personally.

I also was really proud of Kid #1 for placing second with her ballet number at Synergy Dance Competition today, and of both Kid #1 and Kid #3 for placing first with their lyrical number. Kid #3 is dancing on two injured feet right now (bruised bone in one heel, and two badly sprained toes on her other foot.) But she was a trooper and you would never have known watching her dance that anything was wrong. She’s now on total rest for a week until reassessment before next weekend’s competition to see whether or not she can dance next weekend.

I also enjoyed a text conversation tonight. And I was very appreciative of someone’s bravery in putting their foot forward first.

What was your favourite thing today?