My #FavouriteThing today was seeing Kid #2 in the class play. Killed it. In fact, it wasn’t her class’s play. But last week, they realized that a key character would be missing for tonight’s performance, as the kid who was cast in the role would be away at dance competition. (In fact, she dances with Kid #3!) So they needed a sub, just for the one performance. The class (which is in the Fine Arts program in the school) asked Kid #2 if she would step up into the role of Mrs. Gloop last Wednesday, and I got an excited phone call asking if she could. It meant she missed school for a whole week as they had tech and dress rehearsals (her first rehearsals!) But my kids are all great students, so I wasn’t worries about that – I was stoked that she would have this opportunity to be involved with something she really, really wanted to do. She learned the entire play – all her lines, stage directions and cues – in one week. The class has been working on the play for almost 3 months.

And she rocked it.

I was so proud of her. Best was she was proud of herself. My parents, my brother, and her dad and step mom all came to see the play. And when the cast was all going for ice cream afterwards, my brother offered to drop her off…which meant she got to ride and arrive in the fancy sports car (Lotus). Pretty sweet deal for a 12 year old! Best of all, I gave him slightly wrong directions, but she totally knew where they were going and told him (he is severely directionally challenged)…and he told her that her mom was full of shit, and that she could tell me that. So when she came home, she proudly told me that I was full of shit, with a big grin on her face (and told me the story.)

It was a great night, and I was really proud of my kid, and happy to see her so proud of herself.

Kid #1 & Kid #3 were at dance competition. Kid #1’s solo went really well, and she felt pretty good about their group number too. Kid #3’s dance didn’t go as well as she had hoped, but sometimes that happens. She had injured herself right before they went on, while running the number. She jammed a toe. Silly as that might sound, for a dancer, it can be both disastrous and really painful. Add to that, she has a bruised bone on the heel of her other foot…she’s now a double gimp. She performed anyway, but in a lot of pain. None of the injury stuff was my favourite thing today – but I did love the cuddles and being able to be her safe haven to just unload when she needed to after she got home. It was an emotional night.

What was your favourite thing today?