My #FavouriteThing today was making a freezer full of meals for my parents to help make life a little easier. Kid #3 helped me, and we had quite a haul.

I also loved how excited Kid #2 was when she got to go to the driving range to hit balls with Grampa. They had set it all up ahead of time, and we brought her clubs with us. They’d have actually played on the course, but the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative. So the range it was. And they both enjoyed themselves.

And I enjoyed a cuddle with Kid #1 this evening. Poor kid has spent last night and tonight super sick with a migraine. Today it was making her sick to her stomach, and when she wasn’t puking, she was sleeping. Poor girl. Not how you want to spend your long weekend away with your family.

I also enjoyed putting on Leonard Cohen’s “Songs of Love and Hate” CD for my mum today, and talking through her remembrances of her time touring with Cohen. (She sings backups on that record, and toured with him for a few years.)

What was your favourite thing today?