My #FavouriteThing today was a good day of teaching. Some days are just really rewarding. The students are always rewarding. But sometimes the specific issues that we address, and the way we find our way through them…that can be really, really rewarding. I love the part of teaching that involves observation, analyzation, and then minor adjustments that can make a huge difference. I think an awful lot of what I do as a teacher is analysis – both physical and auditory. And I love it.

I also had lunch with a friend today and we talked through some stuff that he wants me to help him out with. It was a nice afternoon.

And I finally got rolling on the next module of BSchool. I’m a week behind, because I’ve taken the time out to try and implement some of these things into existence for The Studio, and for And that’s certainly not all done yet. But it’s rollin’…and now so am I.

What was your favourite thing today?