My #FavouriteThing today was watching Kid #1 in her ballet class, laughing and laughing and laughing. Enjoying herself. Enjoying dance. She’s been struggling with some stuff lately, as teenagers will do, and it was such a pleasure to watch her really enjoy being in class today.

I also loved watching Kid #3 and Kid #1 in their first Corps de Ballet rehearsal. Every year, the Ballet Mistress choreographs a huge performance piece for the year-end recital, which involves about 40-45 dancers. It’s a big undertaking, but it always turns out beautifully. This year the theme of the ballet recital is “circus”, so the Corps de Ballet number is all being done with hoola hoops and rhythmic gymnastics ribbons. It sounds like it could be one hot mess with 45 dancers, but what they choreographed today was quite breathtaking. And this is Kid #3’s first year of making it into Corps, because she hasn’t been old enough until now. So she was very nervous before her rehearsal today, but she loved it once it started.

I ran into my college boyfriend today, quite unexpectedly. It was nice to have a quick chat and catch up with him. We do run into each other every couple of years. Talked about our families, our parents… And it’s always a nice little boost to be told by an ex that “you look great!”

I really loved running into a friend today. I did spend most of the day in the dark with a migraine (day #4), but I did have to drop my kids off and get some groceries so I could feed them. (Just because I’m sick with a migraine doesn’t mean that life stops, unfortunately. So I’ve had to learn to function to a degree, regardless. Thank goodness for pain killers!) In the Safeway parking lot, I ran into a girlfriend I haven’t seen for a few weeks. She has decided to launch a business, and I’m going to write a website for her. It seems I’m becoming a web designer, quite by accident. Good thing I actually love it!

And finally, I enjoyed a text conversation today with a dear friend. Lots of trust and love and vulnerability. I love that I am blessed with amazing people in my life…real people, no bullshit people. No drama people. I cherish every one of my friendships…they are sacred to me.

What was your favourite thing today?