My #FavouriteThing today was taking care of myself by spending the day in bed, in the dark, mostly sleeping. There were a couple of times through the day when I had to be up for something – to drive the kids somewhere or whatnot – but mostly I slept all day. Kill migraine, Day 2.

I enjoyed getting a phone call from a treasured friend today, who knows how I battle with migraines. He didn’t even bother asking how I was…he said he could hear the migraine in my voice as soon as I started talking. I hadn’t responded to a text he’d sent (I’d been asleep), so he called to check on me, without knowing anything in particular was wrong. It’s a beautiful thing to know we have people who care about us like that, and who know us well enough to hear the pain in our voices… I was grateful for my friend today.

And I was happy to have Kid #1 coming and sitting on my bed tonight and having a long talk about some stuff she’s having trouble with. I am so incredibly grateful to have the relationship with my kids that I do – the relationship where they seek out my solace and comfort, as well as advice, when things get hard in their lives. I don’t always have the answers, but it’s easier to navigate together, when they feel not so alone with things.

What was your favourite thing today?