My #FavouriteThing today was my parents showing up at my doorstep unexpectedly tonight. I knew they were on their way home from California, but didn’t expect them tonight. We went out for a late supper, and then I put them to bed in the basement (where I actually do have a guest room and extra beds and everything…I didn’t just stash them in the laundry room…) It’s nice to have them home safe and sound. We’ll have to try to head up coast soon now and have a visit.

I also enjoyed going for a run today in a different place than I usually run. I was in West Vancouver for a doctor’s appointment anyway, so I went for a run on the sea wall. Even in the rain, it was quite lovely. I’m not really supposed to run on pavement (my joints always complain, but on pavement they complain even more), but I did today. We’ll see how I fare tomorrow. I don’t think that had anything to do with the migraine I started fighting tonight…but I’ve lost count of all the things that trigger them, so who knows!

What was your favourite thing today?