My #FavouriteThing today was getting a bunch of work done in BSchool. I did a bunch of homework, printed a whole schwack of notes out, organized my binder (yep, I’m THAT student), and finally…FINALLY…got inspired to work on one exercise that I’ve been putting off for almost three weeks now, because it just seemed too overwhelming. Finally it doesn’t seem overwhelming – it feels useful. (I knew the whole time it would be useful. But there’s a disconnect when you know something in your head but your body has a different game plan for you.) Not only will there be huge value in completing the exercise, but I kind of need to do it in order to carry on with another exercise…great inspiration to actually get to work! I think I’ll spend the day in the library tomorrow, or possibly a Starbucks. (Unless my PJ’s call too loudly; then I’ll work from my couch.)

I had a good accountability call today. I also had a good business-y talk with one of my specialists today. Unexpected in that setting, but satisfying when my input is valued.

I went for a run with a friend (I’ve been recognizing that, although my body often complains when I run, shit goes baaaad when I don’t. So I’ll take the former, if somewhat painful, option. Pain and fatigue are nothing new in my camp. At least this will also bring a whole lotta goodness with it!)

And now, I am taking myself to bed before midnight, and I will sleep until my body chooses to wake up tomorrow. I have not been getting enough sleep the last few nights, and I really, really feel that in my body. So it’s time to start respecting my body clock a little more.

What was your favourite thing today?