My #FavouriteThing today was taking Kid #2 to the driving range. We’ve had a Thursday driving range date set all week, and today, it finally came. She really hits the ball well. And she was the lucky recipient of an impromptu lesson on swing from a fellow golfer (he apparently has three sons and has been through the whole process several times over). She got some great tips about rotation, hips, shoulders, weight disbursement, and swing force and direction. He made it really understandable, and her balls had been going consistently right beforehand, but after he worked with her for a few minutes, they really straightened out nicely.

We played another game of Monopoly, although we haven’t quite finished it yet. It was a bit of stop and go today. I’ve been having fun playing board games with Kid #2 this week – she’s the one who really digs them.

And we finished the night off with a movie again. Tonight it was Oz the Great and Powerful. It was cute.

All in all, I enjoyed having a lot of one on one time with Kid #2 today. She’s pretty fantastic, and I dig hanging out with her.

What was your favourite thing today?