My #FavouriteThing today was…it was a great day. So many great things.

I got some news from my naturopath and it looks like, after having some blood work done, we may have a lead on what’s revving up my migraines. And that means a way to come at treating the issue (my hormones are way out of whack.) Thats great news.

I had a conversation with a friend. He opened up and volunteered to talk about his feelings, even though he normally requires a can opener. He is one of my nearest and dearest, and I appreciated that a great deal.

I sequestered myself in coffee shops and libraries for the day and worked on BSchool, and band stuff. I discovered that I like working that way. Taking myself out of my house and devoting a set amount of time in a specific space is a good thing for me, and I plan to do it more.

I decided to take my workbook into a sushi restaurant for a quick bite of dinner. They were really busy, so I was seated at the bar, which normally I hate. I’m uncomfortable making small talk with strangers (believe it or not, in actually kind of shy/introverted – I am learning this about myself!) So what I really wanted was to be seated alone at a table where I could just work through dinner. The couple beside me started chatting to me, and they turned out to be quite lovely, and I really enjoyed putting my book aside and talking to them throughout dinner. (They even offered me some of their dinner!) We ended up exchanging business cards and are likely to cross paths (intentionally this time) again. What a pleasant surprise, and great lesson for me. Loved it.

Kid #3 and I talked to her dance teachers tonight, as she has chosen to dramatically decrease the amount of dance she’s taking next year, and she (rightly so) wanted to have a proper conversation and let them know why, instead of just not showing up for auditions or just not registering. She’s decided that, while she loves dance, she never has time to try anything else, and she really wants to try some other stuff. So she’s going to see how that feels next year. But she’s going to keep taking ballet so that she maintains that technical basis, and it’s easy to come back to if she chooses to. Plus, she really loves ballet. So all in all…smart kid.

And finally, I had a great evening with my kids. We played a board game, then watched a movie and snuggled. Awesome.