My #FavouriteThing today was…well, today was a good day.

I took the kids to the HoneyBee Centre this afternoon. We were definitely the biggest kids on the tour. Pretty sure everyone else there was 4. But it was still fun. And we bought some awesome honey.

Then tonight we went to the Vancouver Giants game. My ex-husband (the kids’ dad) had a bunch of tickets, so we all went to game three of the playoffs. I haven’t really watched hockey for about 20 years, but it’s always fun in person.

Driving home from the game, my kids’ dad and I had a really good talk about the kids and their activities through the summer and next year. Excited to bring some new stuff into the fold for some of the girls (curling, golf, riding)….

After the game, we came home and I could smell a weird, hot, electrical smell in my bedroom. My kids could smell it too. It started last night, but it was stronger tonight. I didn’t know what to do. Good old Facebook! I posted asking for suggestions (I had already unplugged everything and checked vents, etc.) and a friend of mine suggested calling the non-emergency fire department. I don’t know why, but I never would have thought of that until flames erupted. So I ended up with 6 hot firemen in my bedroom at 1:00 am! Every girl’s fantasy, right?