My #FavouriteThing today was having tea with my friend Susan. She lives right across the street, but our schedules don’t seem to line up, so we don’t see each other as often as we should. It was nice to sit and catch up.

I also enjoyed a text conversation with a friend. It was unexpected and fun and meandering. I like those ones that come out of left field and make you smile.

And I enjoyed puttering tonight. Did all the laundry. Finished my BSchool unit. Folded all the laundry while watching the third episode of Sherlock. Called my parents. Bits and bobs.

And although I don’t like the result on the one hand, discovering unequivocally tonight that refined sugar hits me straight in the migraine is useful knowledge. I have a wicked sweet tooth, so it’s not awesome news. But if it’s one step closer to controlling these migraines, hallelujah.

What was your favourite thing today?