My #FavouriteThing today was a text conversation I had with a treasured longtime friend. It made me giggle, and there was plenty of wordplay and banter, which I love, and which is often a part of our conversations. I didn’t expect to be seeing this friend for awhile, but it looks like we may be able to get together for tea over the next couple of days. And that makes me feel happy.

I also got a ton of work done in my BSchool modules today, which left me with a pretty good sense of accomplishment. It also left me with a good idea of some things I need to spend some time tweaking in my business and website. All fantastic information, and I still feel really excited to be taking this course.

One of the things I had to do today was email some people to find out what they thought my three best qualities were. I set it up as an open-answer survey so people could answer anonymously, which usually lets people answer a little more freely. It was really interesting reading the qualities that people valued in me. Some did not surprise me…and some did. I think the funniest one was “nice boobs.” I knew pretty immediately who had written that, anonymous or not…and a funny text conversation about “professionalism” ensued. But mostly, I was surprised that people value my sense of humour, and my leadership skills as highly as they do. My personality-type traits (caring, warm, non-judgemental, genuine, gracious, patient, kind, positive, etc.) scored the highest cumulatively of everything. Then my communication-type attributes (compassionate listener, understanding, good communicator, good with people, loyal, etc.), and my humour came next on the list. Leadership-type attributes (takes initiative, confident, can do anything she sets her mind to, responsibility, follows through, networking, etc.) came next, then intelligence (intelligent, smart, intellect, knowledgeability), then talent/voice. There were more, but those were the ones that showed a pattern. It is a bizarre and intimidating exercise to ask 25+ people what they see as your best attributes. It was not intended as an ego exercise (it’s about finding your strengths to build on them). Ultimately it was bit nice and strangely difficult to hear what people thought were my strengths…it’s not the way I’m used to being in the spotlight. Give me a microphone and nothing more than applause and a full/empty dance floor to gauge what people think of me, and I’m surprisingly more comfortable than hearing it outright, in very lovely, kind words. Bizarre, huh?

What was your favourite thing today?