My #FavouriteThing today was a phone call with a friend of mine who is also doing BSchool. Partnering up to become accountable to someone other than yourself. But even moreso, someone to talk through the ideas and applications in our immediate businesses with…our own little mini-mastermind group of two.

I also loved getting a whole bunch of paperwork done tonight. It wasn’t my BSchool homework. But it was a shitload of medical paperwork that I had to get done. And for once, I didn’t put it off. It came across my desk a couple of days ago, I have the appointment with my doctor tomorrow to do what needs to be done there, and I finished my (oh-so-lengthy…bureaucracy!) part tonight. Done. I have never in my life had that kind of turnaround time on lengthy medical forms. Especially not THREE of them at once!! So Imma pat myself on the back and throw myself back into BSchool tomorrow. With a vengeance.