The time had come.

I was trying to maintain too many websites and the Facebook pages that accompanied them. And this year, 2014, one of the biggest intentions I hold is to create space and reduce clutter. In my home, that means getting rid of a lot of shit. In my online life, it means streamlining, and making things cleaner.

And so, we come to the new All my everythings in one place, rather than scattered about the web. It feels better, cleaner, which in turn creates more freedom for me, and a sense of blissful flow. I can let the love bubble up and well all over…in one space. A well marked and sign-posted space, granted, because I am a little anal about these things. But one space. And that, my friends, leaves me feeling all sparkly.

I perform regularly with a couple of bands, and there is nothing in the world I love more than being on stage, sharing music with an audience. Info about what’s coming up will be here. There’s lot’s of music that I’ve recorded. You’ll find it here. I’m working, albeit at a glacially slow pace, on a new record, called Break Until I Bend. And when there’s new shazam to share in that arena, you’ll find it here too. My family records a Christmas carol most years. On a Christmassy kind of day, you’ll find those here. Basically, all the everymusics will be here.

I adore teaching. First and foremost, I teach private voice. I teach both in person, and online through my school The Studio School of the Arts. I teach classes and workshops on ear training and sight signing, vocal performance, and studio vocals. Teaching sets my soul on fire. Sharing my knowledge of the voice and helping students develop a better understanding of their own voices, and unlock their performance capabilities…there’s nothing like it.

I love to write. You’ll find the word soup that falls out of my brain in the Kiss My Sassafrass section. Anything from parenting to self-esteem to weight to business to…oh, pretty much anything. There aren’t many boundaries here. If any. Be forewarned. Formerly and

I maintain a daily gratitude practice, which I credit with balancing my Bi-polar II more effectively than anything else I’ve tried (and I’ve tried it all, believe me. I still take the meds, but I feel better than I have in 25 years, since having started this gratitude practice about a year and a half ago.) I post My #FavouriteThing Today every night before I go to sleep, and it forces me to mentally review my day and acknowledge everything I’ve had to be grateful for that day, big and small. Formerly,, and Twitter @favethingtoday.

And as a secondary part of my gratitude practice, I post #ThankYou posts, usually in the mornings. Now they’ll reside in the Gratitude Is Love area of the website. These acknowledge whatever happens to be in front of my attention, for which I’m grateful. The littlest things that make a difference in my day, the people I love, the things I am railing against, but am grateful for the opportunity they present for growth…those are my thank you’s. Previously, these were posted on both of the above-mentioned Facebook pages, as well as Twitter @SaraRamsay.

All of these things are being streamlined. All of the websites will now become sections of this website. All of the Facebook pages will stop (stop the insanity!) and everything will happen on My twitter @SaraRamsay will stay just as alive and irreverent as it is.

AND!!! You can enter the FabuReLaunch Giveaway – my way of saying a heartfelt thank you for making the leap with me. There are 3 great prizes to be won: Thanks to everyone who entered! The contest is over. But you never know when another one might sneak up and bite ya. Here are the awesome winners:

TIEGAN: 1st – 1 hour Skype chat with me + signed “For Now” CD
ERIK P.: 2nd – signed “For Now” CD
KRISTIE M.: 2nd 2nd – signed “For Now” CD

So much love,

PS – Head over here to leave a comment and let us know what you think about the new site!