My #FavouriteThing today was, again, playing with my band, The Ticket. So ridiculous at times. And so fun. For instance: our bass player normally does the rap in Blurred Lines. We kind of didn’t realize…until it was rap time in that song we were already playing…that our bass player had subbed out tonight, and the sub (who we love and is fabulous) does not rap. So I started rapping it. It went fine for the first half, even though it meant I was threatening to give Saf something “big enough to tear that ass in two”…. But I apparently do not know the second half of the rap, and so I did ALL THE REST as, “ba da ba da ba da ba.” #rapscatting That’s how we roll.

I also loved seeing Kid #1 all dresses up to go out and meet her friends for a birthday dinner at a restaurant. She looked so grown up.

What was your favourite thing today?