My #FavouriteThing today was hanging out with my besties. End of a great girls weekend. Waking up late (they were among the insane who got up at 4 for hockey…I was not.) Making a big brunch fancy scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Sitting around and reading. Playing my parents’ piano (I love playing their piano.) And great conversation on the drive down. Then coming home and early to bed.

What was your favourite thing today?

This is the new Ganaesha that Courtney bought for me this weekend when we stopped at the woo-woo store in Sechelt. (It’s called The Oracle, and it’s a lovely store.) Megan bought a beautiful Buddha. I was attracted to Ganaesha because he is the remover of obstacles, the god of success and new beginnings, learning, and patron of the arts. He’s my guy. ❤️ And now he’ll watch over me as I sleep.