My #FavouriteThing today was a feeling of accomplishment after working hard all day. I spent lots of time tonight on the computer, finishing off two websites. I also spent some serious brain power addressing the challenge of how I can pay for some education, the deadline for which is coming up very quickly, but which is very expensive…more expensive than I have the funds for…so I have to get really creative, really quickly. On a really big scale. But after brainstorming with a couple of friends throughout the evening, I feel like maybe I can pull it out of my ass…just maybe…

I also really enjoyed watching Kid #2 play basketball at a 4 school tournament today. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but the hour or so that I did get to watch, I felt proud of my kid. She’s a great athlete, and she’s very competitive out there, in a pretty healthy way.

And finally, I felt really proud of Kid #1 today. We had a meeting with her dance teachers to discuss some things that are coming down the pipe for her. It was a scary conversation for her to have, and I was really proud of her for the way she handled it. (And she initiated the whole thing.) I was also, as ever, incredibly grateful to her dance teachers for being amazing people and teachers, always so supportive of her and with her best interests at the forefront. And honest with her, which I really appreciate too. Dance is a world that is littered with landmines of all varieties, and so I always appreciate the care and honesty we get from her dance teachers.

Today was a good day. Despite the migraine still sticking around, today was a good day.

What was your favourite thing today?