My #FavouriteThing today was watching Kid #2’s soccer game. She played an amazing first half in goal, making a couple of killer saves. She played out in the second half, and scored the first goal of the game! And out on the field today, she was just on fire. Honestly, it seemed like someone had lit a torch under her little butt. She was running like stink, and she made a couple of great plays, and consistently was able to run the ball up the wing, keeping it away from her opponents. I was really proud of her efforts today.

I also enjoyed having friends of ours stop by to help us out, and staying for dinner. He’s a contractor, and I enlisted his help installing the ballet barre in the basement that was Kid #1’s birthday present. (I didn’t want to be responsible for seating in studs…and missing, only to have a dancer down!) I made another Pinterest chicken recipe (this one was a big hit, and super easy), new potatoes, honey garlic carrots, and stir-fried red onions, asparagus, and peppers. We had even gotten cupcakes (valentines leftover sale!) for dessert. Food wasn’t my best friend today (damn migraine still isn’t gone), but I was happy to feed people, and have our friends for company.

And I also felt very grateful when my dear friend and neighbour, with whom I share the carpool duties, offered (for the third day in a row!) to drive on my day, because of my migraine. Mornings are hard, and sleep is the best medicine there is for this migraine, so it was so incredibly appreciated. ❤️

What was your favourite thing today?