My #FavouriteThing today was spending the morning with a dear gal-pal. She and I go months, sometimes years without seeing each other, and then it’ll be like no time passed. We reconnected a couple of weeks ago, and we definitely were meant to find each other again at this point in each of our spiritual journeys. And today we meshed shopping (because we both love shopping…and today there was an actual reason!) and good spirit juju. I love that we can be so open and honesty with each other. I love that I can be, for her, one of the very few people she can open up to wholly. And I just really enjoy my friend’s company. It was a fun day.

And I got to share Danielle LaPorte’s #DesireMap with my friend. I gave her a workbook and a day planner. And it makes me very happy to share Danielle’s work, which resounds so heavily with me, with other people for whom it sparks and ignites flames of excitement. I adore sharing that gift.

What was your favourite thing today?