My #FavouriteThing today was being on stage tonight. My favourite thing is pretty much always going to be being on stage, any day that I get to be up there singing…because that’s where I feel most fully alive…the most sparkly. I was doing a gig with my ex-husband tonight for a poetry event that he does 4 times a year called Mashed Poetics. One complete record, start to finish, a poet writes a new piece for each song, with that song simply being a jumping off point…and believe me, it can go anywhere from there! Tonight it was a bit of a departure. It wasn’t a record, it was a night of TV themes. Three’s Company, The Jeffersons, Friends, WKRP in Cincinnati, Family Guy…it was a fun and expansive list of tunes. (That’s just a sampling.) Anyway, it was a fun night.

I also had fun shopping today. Saffron and I need new stage wardrobe. So I went to the US and hit Ross – all the glitz at a fraction of the price! Came home with about 10 dresses for each of us. You see, we wear matching dresses on stage all the time, so wardrobe becomes quite an issue! I also found a great non-band skirt (which I wore on stage tonight though!) And I found more great shoes and boots. Between yesterday and today, I am the low-cost Nine West queen! And I love it! I’m feeling very feminine and girly at the end of this week, in a really great, owning it kind of way.

What was your favourite thing today?