My #FavouriteThing today was amazing, exceptional people I have in my life. I was having a very sad day…they happen. And a dear, dear friend came to my house in the middle of the afternoon so I could crawl into his lap and cry while he held me. And that’s exactly what I needed and wanted right then…just to be held. To feel safe and loved. And then one of my girlfriends tonight…we talked on the phone for close to an hour, and she just talked me through what’s going on for me with love and compassion and insight, and beautiful, beautiful her-ness.

I had a rehearsal tonight for a gig this coming weekend with my ex-husband. And it was fun. And I got to use my ears and feel valued for what I bring to the musical party.

Then I started writing a new song on my way home. I haven’t written anything new in almost a year, and it’s been longer since I’ve written anything I really liked. But this has great potential.

What was your favourite thing today?