My #FavouriteThing today was sleeping. A lot. Migraine is here, so sleep is my friend.

I was also very happy to go pick up my latest order of planners and workbooks from And their customer service advocate, Jenn, is fabulous. One of my books arrived with a tear in it, and she immediately ordered another to be sent out to me. I’ve emailed with her about other things, often my fault (setting up my account incorrectly, etc.), and she has always been a real pleasure to deal with. I made sure to tell her today how much I appreciated her being great at her job.

I was very grateful I had help I could count on today. A neighbour drove the kids this morning. Our awesome childcare Helen drove the kids this afternoon, and she cooked dinner so I didn’t have to.

And I came to a good place about something that has been bothering me for a while. Those shifts in perspective can make all the difference to how we see the world before us.

And I planned out my week next week. I planned it in a way that feels rejuvenating and fills me up, rather than depletes me and is a constant drain. THAT is the big shift, the big key. For me. Filling up, not draining.

What was your favourite thing today?