My #FavouriteThing today was running into an old friend unexpectedly. We haven’t seen each other in somewhere between a year and two, and we ran into each other in the lineup in a store today. We both had time, or we’re able to make the time, and so we went and had coffee for a couple of hours and caught up. There’s been a lot of serendipity in my life over the last few days, as I’ve been slowing and opening enough to let it in, and this was no exception. She and I were clearly meant to see each other today, because I think we both needed to cross paths and reconnect with each other at this time. I was so incredibly happy to spend the afternoon with my friend, and share the (not dissimilar) journeys each of us is on. A huge, wonderfully surprising favourite thing today. ❤️

I also really enjoyed teaching a lesson today. We found a new way to access an important change in my student’s voice, and it made it really each for her to make this vital change. I love that she is, after working together for a year and a half, telling me that she can hear and feel the differences between some of the good technique we’ve been working on, and some of the older bad habits that still slip in sometimes. And she’s really excited about being able to discern for herself. Which is so incredibly important. I will not always be there with a given student. They perform on stage without me, they practice at home without me, they sing in the studio without me, and eventually, they will probably work with coaches other than me. And those are all good things. And those are all reasons why part of my job is to teach a student to self-assess, as well as pointing out what I hear, and giving solutions to challenges. I always enjoy teaching, but this lesson in particular today was very rewarding, because the student could feel such big changes.

What was your favourite thing today?