My #FavouriteThing today was some amazing people in my life. I got a phone call from a dear friend who is about to leave town for several months, and we had a great conversation. She is like family for me. She was exactly who I needed to hear from. (And suddenly it all made sense why things kept coming up to keep me from going to bed for a nap…if I’d been napping, I’d have missed her call, and possibly have missed her for months. Everything happens for a reason.)

And I had a lovely email conversation with a friend today who is always there for me, as I am for him. I can be 100% honest with him, and he still loves me, despite all my many faults. It is that trust and truth that is the whole foundation of our friendship. There’s pretty much no stone we are afraid to leave unturned. And just a few gentle words from a friend like that go a long way to helping me feel safe in times when emotionally I may not feel so hot.

And, my kids. In particular, I got to spend some great time with the twins today, and some one on one time with Kid #2. And nothing heals a psyche like really excellent, focused time with your kids. First, we went for a run in the trails, the three of us. It wasn’t a long run – I think we ran about 2Km in just over 15 minutes. Not bad (and considerably faster than I usually run. They were pushing my ass! But stamina-wise, I was pushing them. So it was good for all of us.) We chatted as we ran, out in nature…I found it the most regenerating thing of all today.

Then Kid #2 and I did groceries. Simple enough. But we talked about what nutrients your body needs, why, and what foods give them to you (ex: today we talked about iron, how it allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen around to all the parts of your body, in particular your brain…and the symptom you feel if your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen? You feel tired. If you chronically don’t have enough iron in your blood, it’s called anemia. And you get iron in your diet primarily from dark green leafy vegetables and red meat.) I taught her how to do grocery math. You know…if this box has this many in it, and it costs this much, and that box has that many in it but is on sale for that much…which one is actually the better deal? It’s not always the one on sale. Sometimes it’s the family pack. Sometimes it’s buying three to get the deal. Etc. Grocery math. She liked doing grocery math. And the supermarket lady who was stocking the shelves of granola bars was very much enjoying the lesson – loved that I was teaching my kid how to figure it out!

Then the twins and I went to Old Navy. Kid #3 needed gym shorts. Alas, they had a giant sale on, and we ended up with a little more than gym shorts. I love that my kids each have their own very apparent, very different, awesome sense of style. We spent probably an hour in the family change room trying stuff on. Each girl ended up with a few items (at great sale prices!). I ended up with stage dresses and running clothes. Not much in between. Made me laugh. But I did enjoy the fact that I am firmly a size medium at Old Navy. Which I still find shocking. I feel like an imposter. BUT! If the dress fits…

What was your favourite thing today?