My #FavouriteThing today is that it is over. Today was a hard day.

I appreciated the 2 men in my life whom I can count on without fail, and they were there for me in exactly the ways I needed them to be – one with softness, sensitivity, a quiet, unshakeable strength, and an ability to talk me through and give me advice in a way that doesn’t ever, ever, ever put my back up, no matter how delicate a situation; and the other with a firm, resolute, sometimes loud and always brave strength that in turn helps me trust my own strength and bravery. To these two treasured men in my life, I say thank you.

And to another man in my life, with whom I don’t always have an easy relationship, and who challenges me more than many, I say thank you too. Thank you for the learning you present to me. Thank you for doing the best you know how, and constantly presenting me with the opportunity to do the best I know how. It is imperfect, at best, but it’s what we’ve got. I love you. And even when we infuriate each other, I know that you love me too.

What was your favourite thing today?