I’ve been taking a lot lately about Danielle LaPorte‘s latest book, The Desire Map.

It was my Christmas present to myself (and a few other people!) And I spent the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 working my way through the book and the workbook. I wanted to feel really clear on why I was doing what I was doing, and what I was going to chose to focus my energies on. Some things changes quite a bit as I worked it through, and some things stayed beautifully present. And in the end, I got very clear.

I am very clear about how I want to feel. And if I let those feelings guide my choices daily, weekly, monthly…minute to minute…I will be coming from a much more anchored place, where I get to be far more present with my purpose. And that feels right.

Through my own process of mediation; inner conversations, discomfort and struggle; many, many, many mugs of steaming hot tea; lots of chant music; many candles burnt; and new meditation altar, complete with crystals, statues of gods and goddesses, a bible, angel cards, and candles…I came to my own set of Core Desired Feelings.

5 seemed to be the magic number for me. I kept coming to it again and again, in different ways and for different things. So I listened and let that guide me. My 5 Core Desired Feelings are, in no particular order:


I have this list of words on post-it notes throughout my space. The list is written at the top of each weekly page of my day planner. (How handy, the Desire Map Day Planner is kinda set up for that!) I spend a few minutes breathing into those words every morning, and I think about them as I close my day. It is becoming more of a habit to think about them as I think through a given task, or make choices about what I’m going to do.


And I am becoming willing to say no to things that do not make me feel this way. I am incorporating things into my life and business that may not make sense to anyone else, but they touch me in my CDF’s. They make for more compassionate business decisions…and there’s more to a bottom line than a dollar sign. Things are starting to take shape that make me feel physically warm and glowy. It doesn’t take a genius to connect those to some of my CDF’s.

After identifying my CDF’s, it was time for intentions and goals for the year. And what I thought was on my plate, and what I chose when I was coming from those 5 perfect-for-me places, well they were two different things. But I felt better. Lighter. Clearer and more focused.

And my goals are somewhat less specific than I had anticipated. No specific numbers. No specific dates. Launch dates will come when they need to, and numbers may or may not be part of specific plans down the line. But for now, it was more about broad strokes for me. Do this quality of thing in this way and teach as many people as possible with it. That felt less constraining and more empowering to me for yearly intentions. Like I said, the specifics may come (or they may not) when I get nitty gritty about a certain project at the right time.

But this was about choices. And feelings. And clarity.

And so far, I am feeling filled up with all of my CDF’s. Overwhelmingly blessed. Bountifully grateful.