My #FavouriteThing today was a phone conversation with a friend who’s got me, no matter how fragile I might be. As soon as I say the words ‘I’m hurting’, he’s there…and that’s only if he doesn’t figure it out before I do, which he does a good deal of the time. He can’t make it better, whatever has caused me to feel so fragile – nobody can, necessarily. But he is with me while I’m in it, while I go through it, and he doesn’t scare away just because it gets hard or I start to cry. There may not be solutions, but he is always willing to listen and talk it through with me. I cannot even begin to say how much that means to me…having someone I trust so completely to lean on when I most need it. It may not be often that I do need it, but knowing it’s there, knowing he’s there, unwaveringly…I actually can’t quite put into words the warmth that suffuses me with, the anchor it provides. Ha! Not often Miss Wordypants is rendered speechless…

I also was really glad I could be there for a dear, dear friend who is going through some big upheaval. I have walked in her shoes, almost exactly, and she is like my sister, and I just want to be a shoulder for her, a source of strength and maybe a little bit of wisdom having walked that path and learned my own learning there. My heart just wants to enfold her right now, and the people who are in this experience with her. Sending enormous amounts of love and light, and prayers for them. ️

I was happy that today, I felt like I accomplished much of what I had intended. And the things I did not get to…well, it was because I was taking care of myself, and it meant making different decisions than my to-do list dictated. And that felt good too.

And finally, I watched Amelie tonight. I hadn’t seen that movie in years. I remember having loved it before, but I had literally no recollection of any of the plot or scenes or anything. Might as well have been the first time if seen it. But it was just as sweet and quirky as the impression I remember having had before. And I loved it. Subtitles and all.

What was your favourite thing today?