My #FavouriteThing today was a phone call from a friend. It was unexpected. And lovely. And full of laughter. And lovely. And sweet silliness. And lovely.

I also enjoyed getting reading glasses. Well, kinda. I am grateful that the reading glasses allow me to work more comfortably on the computer, and I hope that they will decrease my migraines.

And finally, I very much enjoyed going for lunch with one of my gays today. A dear, understanding friend, who adapted when I called him 45 minutes after I was supposed to have showed up to say that my alarm hadn’t gone off, and I’d just woken up. (Yes, it was 12:45. I finally slept well last night.) I ran around like a mad woman and was there 25 minutes later. And then we had sushi (breakfast sushi is divine) and talked for hours. Excellent. I miss my friend when he is away, off living in England, being a student, learning Very Important Things. It’s really fabulous to catch up well with him. He’s deliciously…twisted. Just my kind. ️

What was your favourite thing today?