My #FavouriteThing today was having a lazy, quiet, relaxed afternoon – the last before the madness of the school schedule starts up again. I drank tea, worked in my Desire Map workbook, started writing in my Day Planner for the year, and continued the process of goal planning for this year. It was a good afternoon. ️

I also really enjoyed going to Kid #2’s soccer game this morning. My mum (aka Grammy) came too, and we watched Kid #2 have a lot of fun playing her game. She played the first half in net, and had some great saves. She played centre forward the second half, and made some great plays that could have turned into goals beautifully. (But they’re kids, and everyone’s still learning how to play their positions, and be in formation to make those plays. But several times she kicked from the side, right across the front of the net, and if we’d had a player in position to take it, it could have been a gorgeous play, right into net. But it’s coming. They’re starting to see the plays and work them. They’ll get there.) It was a cold day, and not regular season play (making up a game missed earlier in the season due to frozen turf), and so we didn’t have quite our full team. The girls played with no spares, and they won the game 5-0. I was really proud of the was Kid #2 played today.

And I loved it this afternoon when Kid #3 came into my room for a cuddle. That’s it. She just wanted to snuggle for a while. Sigh. Love those moments.

What was your favourite thing today?

Monday, January 6, 2014

My #FavouriteThing today was finishing my #DesireMap workbook. Feeling sweet, energized focus and now I have clarity around a game plan. And that, my friends, is awesome.

What was your favourite thing today?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My #FavouriteThing today was a phone call from a friend. It was unexpected. And lovely. And full of laughter. And lovely. And sweet silliness. And lovely.

I also enjoyed getting reading glasses. Well, kinda. I am grateful that the reading glasses allow me to work more comfortably on the computer, and I hope that they will decrease my migraines.

And finally, I very much enjoyed going for lunch with one of my gays today. A dear, understanding friend, who adapted when I called him 45 minutes after I was supposed to have showed up to say that my alarm hadn’t gone off, and I’d just woken up. (Yes, it was 12:45. I finally slept well last night.) I ran around like a mad woman and was there 25 minutes later. And then we had sushi (breakfast sushi is divine) and talked for hours. Excellent. I miss my friend when he is away, off living in England, being a student, learning Very Important Things. It’s really fabulous to catch up well with him. He’s deliciously…twisted. Just my kind. ️

What was your favourite thing today?