My #FavouriteThing today was dinner with my kids. It was filled with utterly ridiculous laughter. Uncontrollable laughter. More than one spit-take laughter.

I actually quite enjoyed cooking dinner tonight too. I used the new kitchen mandolin my dad gave me for Christmas, and put it to good use making fries and slicing carrots. I only sliced a small portion of my finger off. Once it was fried up with the carrots, you couldn’t even tell…

After dinner we watched Happy Feet 2, which was cute. And that was followed by a full on dance party by Kids 2 & 3.

Then I spent some time with the #DesireMap book and finished the reading portion. Started in on the workbook. Took some time out for intention setting for the new year – today was a new moon on the first of the year, an auspicious time for making resolutions, goals and intentions. (I lean into intentions far more than either of the other two.) Felling good about what’s clarifying and percolating around in there.

What was your favourite thing today?