So today was a momentous day for me. Most of you know I have been working towards recording an album, Break Until I Bend. It’s gotten off to a slow roll, but now we’re picking up steam.

I want to introduce you guys to my co-producer. This sexy beast is Royce Whittaker.


You can find him on Twitter @Royce_Whittaker, often talking about inane things like pants and glue guns. Hit him up.

Royce enjoys drinking beer on floating vessels powered by the majesty of the wind, sunsets, sweet pralines, and hopes to one day raise goats. He also happens to be a sick guitarist, and he plays in a couple of bands ( and


Could not be further afield style-wise from what I do, but that’s cool. Music is music, and as musicians, we draw on an eclectic variety of influences. I’m so excited about working together on this project!


Today we sat down in the studio and talked through the tunes, made some production decisions, and came up with a game plan of sorts. We’ve laid the groundwork. Opened the doors.

Now comes the fun stuff. {muahahaha}

Come on. You wanna do it too. You fucking do. So out with it then. {muahahaha} Better, right?

I’ll keep you posted as we go through the recording process. Would you guys dig it if I record some videos now and then of the process so you can see what goes on “behind the mic?”

I couldn’t be doing this without you, and your support means the world to me. Thanks for coming along on this ride.

Thanks for believing in the dream.