Sometimes life sucks
Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed
Sometimes you can’t stand the people around you who get it all “right”
Sometimes your head won’t stop spinning with the “should haves”
Sometimes you can’t figure out how to turn lemons into lemonade
Sometimes you just wish someone would do it all for you
Sometimes you wanna say “fuck it”

Sometimes you do

Sometimes things really aren’t bright and shiny and there’s no bloody Pollyanna coming round the mountain
Sometimes you just want it all to stop
Sometimes you just want to feel something
Sometimes you just want to feel nothing

And sometimes you do

Sometimes you’re terrified and your silent scream comes out sounding like a smile
Sometimes you’re ecstatic and your smile comes out sounding like anger
Sometimes you just can’t figure shit out

But sometimes you do

Sometimes someday seems like it will never come
Sometimes you secretly hate people who have their shit together
Sometimes you pretend to be someone who has their shit together
And sometimes you have your shit together

Yeah, sometimes you do

But sometimes you’re falling apart at the edges, unraveling thread by thread
Sometimes you’re worried that there won’t be enough left to hold you together
Sometimes you’re worried that there won’t be anyone to hold you at all
Sometimes you have to be the one to hold yourself together, and you hate it

Sometimes you really do

It’s okay.
You’re doing a great job of being where you are.
The best job, in fact.
And I thought you should know that.
You’ll put your next foot forward when you’re ready.

I’ll be in your corner when you do.