Sometimes you’ve just gotta play hooky.

We are so overrun with responsibilities in our lives, so plugged into doing the right thing and making everybody happy, that sometimes we forget.

We forget that now and then it’s OK to keep the kids out of school for a day and go live a little. Do something fun. Call in sick to work.

Be responsible to yourself. Be responsible to your kids. Love everybody best by having a good time. Say fuck it, and just have fun.

This past weekend I took the kids up to Whistler to stay with friends of ours. My parents came for Saturday night too. We had an amazing time. And Sunday afternoon, when it should have been time to hit the road, none of us were ready to leave. Our friends were staying until Monday afternoon. The girls and I talked about our Monday, and although we did have some commitments we needed to be back in time for in the late afternoon, the morning and early afternoon were clear, except for school. And we decided to skip school and stay.

I think it’s all about balancing shit out. My kids are straight A students, all three of them. They are not going to die if they miss one day of school. If they were struggling, maybe I would have made a different choice, I don’t know. Would a regular day of school be a better choice, or would a chance to spend rare time with friends, playing outside, being carefree and loved, be a better option? Just this once. Not every day. Just as a one-off.

We chose the time, the relationships, the fresh air and the ability for them just to be kids without a care in the world for an extra day. Even for kids, it’s a rare commodity, that time to just be kids, with no commitments, no responsibilities.

Sometimes playing hooky with your kids is being the best parent you can be.

On Monday, I was a great fucking parent.